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These soulless predators of the ocean strike terror in the heart of every sailor, who often live in fear of these "demons of the sea".


The human form of a wereshark can be distinguished by the fact that its eyes are solid black, with no visible pupils. They are often slightly clumsy on land, but even as humans they are graceful swimmers. The midform of a wereshark resembles a hairless humanoid with tough, leathery skin, webbed hands and feet, and the head and tail of a shark. The beast form of a wereshark is that of a large shark, which is often found in the company of common sharks, coordinating them in attacks against land-dwelling prey like humans.

In addition, the appearance of a wereshark often reflects the appearance of the humans and sharks that live in the same area.



Weresharks live primarily in coastal regions where the fishing is plentiful--both for the sake of the fish and for the sake of the fishermen. As voracious and cunning predators, weresharks do not distinguish between these types of prey, being of the mindset that meat is meat, no matter the source.

Weresharks will often use their human shape to get close to fishermen, masquerading as a like-minded fisherman and gaining their trust by striking up conversations with them on any number of topics before striking. Lone fishermen are generally in the greatest danger from weresharks, as these predators are remarkably strong, using teeth and claws to grab their prey and drag him into the shallows to tear him apart. The resultant carnage often attracts mundane sharks, with whom a wereshark will often share its food.

For this reason, many fishermen will avoid areas with significant populations of even small sharks, lest their leader be something even worse.