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Runeheart, located near the center of Anvestris, was once the heart of magical study in this part of the world, with ambitious wizards and sorcerers delving ever deeper and ever outward in the search of the key to unlock the secrets to the fabric of the universe. Guiding them was a Magelord, the most powerful arcane spellcaster in the land, who not only mediated disputes between rival arcanists but also kept safe the largest library of magical knowledge known to man.

However, the solitary rule of the Magelord came to an end with the rise of Lord Gazaramond, whose quest for power drove him to master secrets that his colleagues shunned, particularly the darker rituals of black necromancy and the secret of creating Bloodstones. After he was overthrown, it was decided that the role of the Magelord was too much to entrust to a single individual, and thus the Council of Mages was formed, each member representing a school of magic and the whole acting as a system of checks and balances to prevent the rise of another Gazaramond.

However, Gazaramond left a deafening echo in his wake: his studies drove him to create and enslave monstrous guardians for his land, from ghouls and zombies to lycanthropes and vampires, all bound to his will. In his relative absence, most have been freed from his thrall, and the intelligent ones have gone on to form their own communities. While most factions claim to want peace, the Council of Mages must keep an eye on them, knowing the horrifying appetites that have long been associated with their kind, and fearing that it will only be a matter of time before the roles of predator and prey are enforced.


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Runeheart is dominated by the Howling Wood, once a lush green forest but since corrupted by Gazaramond's experimentations; at the center of the Howling Wood lies Shadowburn Crater, where nothing has been observed to grow since its formation. The area tends to be temperate in the summer but cold during the winter.


  • Sadie's Bend

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Runeheart is a magocracy, overseen by a council of seven wizards whose job it is to make and assess the laws of the nation. In this way they hope to avoid the abuses perpetrated by previous sole rulers.


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