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These ugly, savage humanoids have been at odds with the dwarves for as long as both can remember, but since learning about the surface they have spread across the land to raid any other races they see as weaker. Needless to say, they often find surprises amongst the humans.


An adult orc stands between 5-1/2 and seven feet tall, with tough leathery skin and a densely muscular build. Their skin ranges in colors from green to brown, and their hair is coarse and usually black, though some red-haired individuals have been seen. Their eyes are small and usually red, yellow, or black, and the faces are heavy-jawed and vaguely simian in shape.

Their clothing is generally rough and durable, woven of wool and decorated with furs and trophies from particularly noteworthy hunts. Some tribes have the ability to forge their own metal weapons, but mostly they either scavenge metal weapons during raids or else craft weapons of bone or wood.


If one goes by the respective histories of orcs and dwarves, one could easily believe that the two races had always been at war since the days the both lived underground. When the orcish tribes were driven to the surface during the Quest for the Sun, many of them remained on the surface to continue their conflict with the dwarves and to seek out other races to conquer.



Orcs are warlike, believing that the only way to carve a place for themselves either on the surface or in the Underlands is to take it from those weaker than themselves. Naturally, this has bought them trouble with more civilized races such as dwarves and humans, but from time to time orcs have been known to band with other races against a mutual threat. The surprising result of many of these incidental alliances is that the orcs remember and honor the actions of their non-orc allies, and may avoid raiding those particular communities in the future.