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Welcome to the Lyranthium Wiki!

This wiki will be used to store and organize information regarding my homebrew campaign world, Lyranthium.

Lyranthium is a campaign world for Pathfinder, being built from the top down with help from 30 Days of Worldbuilding, P. C. Wrede's Worldbuilding Questions, and a number of sourcebooks and splatbooks that I've collected over the years.

About Lyranthium

Lyranthium is a world that has seen the rise and fall of a number of civilizations, some lauded by history, some lost in the sands of time, and some best left forgotten. Today, the people know it as a world of magic and monsters, with adventurers and scholars alike trying to piece together the mysteries of the past, but while the history of this world is full of great things, it is also filled with terrible things.


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