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Frequently finding themselves caught between two worlds and not quite fitting into either, half-elves are the natural result of two human traits: their fecundity and their willingness to try anything once. In this case, it turned out that humans and elves were remarkably cross-fertile and possessed equidominant bloodlines, resulting in a race that has bred true through the generations.


Half-elves come in a broad spectrum of appearances ranging from nearly human to nearly elven in appearance. Whether a given individual takes more after his human or elven parent appears to be random, but often signs of both lineages are evident. On the whole, half-elves tend to be more graceful and comely than full-humans, but tougher and coarser in appearance than full-elves.



Half-elves can be found in any area that supports both humans and elves. They have few settlements to exclusively call their own.


Half-elves speak any languages their parents spoke, whether human or elven. Common languages include:


Half-elves have no distinct culture to speak of, tending to emulate the ways in which they were raised. However, groups of half-elves that have found themselves rejected by both humans and elves often become wanderers, either as traveling minstrels, freelance arcanists, or even scavenging brigands. Adventuring is an ideal profession for those out to prove their worth to both sides of their family tree.

Notable Half-Elves[]