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Beautiful, graceful, and slightly fey, the elves are one of the oldest races still living in Lyranthium today. While their vast kingdoms once spanned the known world, the arrival and spread of humans have since displaced them, leading to conflicts over the places the elves consider sacred.


The elves first originated in the realm known as The Dreaming, using their magic to travel to Lyranthium. At the time, Lyranthium was still in the Age of Scales, but the elves quickly befriended the dragons and shared magical knowledge with them.

According to elven lore, the dragons foresaw swift changes ahead, and charged the elves with the guardianship of Lyranthium, in order to protect this world from the return of the unnatural beings that had ruled it during the Age of Shadows.

Common Traits[]

Elves share many traits with their fey cousins, including a natural attunement with both magic and nature. They are lightly built and agile, with keen senses, large eyes, and pointed ears. They are long-lived, often seeing several centuries barring disease or misadventure, but in this relatively low-magic environment (compared to that of The Dreaming) their fertility has historically been extremely low.


There are several types of elves living in Lyranthium: