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Earthy, industrious, and often dour, the long-lived dwarves came from the depths of Lyranthium in a pilgrimage that led them to the surface, driving the orcs ahead of them. Today, they are well-known for the long-lasting quality of their handicrafts, the pride their men have in their beards, and the sheer headiness of their alcohol.


Age of Dawn[]

Gunnar Axebeard is informed of a new world up above the tunnels, one that is there for the dwarves if they choose to fight to reach it. As the hordes of orcs currently lie between the dwarves and the upper tunnels, Gunnar is well aware that the fight will be long and difficult, and it will require the cooperation of all the dwarven tribes. He and his six brothers organize the tribes into seven great armies, who coordinate a multipronged push against the orcs in a campaign now known as the Quest for the Sun, but one tribe, the Darkdelvers, insists that nothing but hellfire dwells upwards, and instead head downward. There, they discover something known as the Deep Darkness, which twists and corrupts them.

Upon reaching the surface, the rest of the dwarves are conflicted about what to do with this new world, and there is another split in the dwarves. Some wish to explored this new world, and become the Hill Dwarf hill dwarves, while the others, warned by tremors in the earth, wish to remain in the strongholds of the mountains.

Age of Discovery[]

Age of Conquest[]

Age of Enlightenment[]

Common Traits[]

Dwarves are overall shorter than humans, but stouter, so that an adult dwarf is likely to weigh as much as or more than a human of equivalent age. They tend to be quite strong and healthy, with thick hair and leathery skin. The men grow thick beards, taking pride in their facial hair as a sign of manhood; thus, a dwarf who loses his beard is disgraced, while a dwarf who deliberately cuts or shaves his beard off is a grotesque anomaly.

Their overall dour personalities are often offputting to other races. They are slow to make friends, but once you have gained their trust a dwarf can be the staunchest ally one could ever hope for.


There are a number of varieties of dwarf in Lyranthium: