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The Auldfir are a hearty race of northern-dwelling humans, uniquely suited to the harsh arctic climate of Cori Glacia.


The barbarians of the north are strong and healthy, appearing to be built on a larger scale than most other humans. Their skin is fair, and their hair tends towards blondes and reds, though black is occasionally seen from time to time. Their eyes are usually blue.

Clothing is generally crafted of wool from domesticated yaks, or furs from the hunts. Facial tattoos are common amongst tribal warriors, often indicating their clan and any notable accomplishments. Men and women wear their hair long and braided, and men grow long beards as well, plaiting them with ornaments made of bone, ivory, or metal. Frequently, warriors will fashion a cape from the hide of a particularly noteworthy kill, and it is common to see an accomplished hunter wearing the horns of a reindeer or the paw of a dire bear as a trophy.


During the Age of Conquest, humans migrated north across Anvestris as far as they could travel, exploring and settling these new lands. Some of these ultimately crossed into the northern region that would ultimately become Cori Glacia, and were stranded there when Cori Glacia was separated from Anvestris. Forced to survive in the harshest of cold, the Auldfir learned how to hunt the creatures found there with the aid of the snow elves, who taught their spellcasters the secrets of ice magic.




As befits the people living in one of the most dangerous parts of the world, the Auldfir’s culture values strength, bravery, and patience. The small and weak seldom survive in this harsh environment, and as such chronically sickly children are often allowed to die. Likewise, the elderly can recognize when they start being a burden to the tribe, and will often voluntarily leave a settlement to die in the cold rather than draw on resources better allotted to the strong and healthy.

In between these ages, however, an Auldfir learns early on what it is to work for one’s survival. Both sexes learn a trade and the use of at least one weapon early on, and everyone contributes towards the well-being of the community. By the time a child is 12, he is taught the proper way to kill and clean prey, and how to use every part of it with maximum efficiency; wastefulness is frowned upon amongst the Auldfir.

Auldfir are well-known for the quality of their weapons. A child is not considered an adult until he has fashioned his first longbow and used it to bring down meat for the tribe. Praising the chosen weapon of another Auldfir is considered a high compliment, as it shows your knowledge of weaponscrafting as well as acknowledging the maker’s skill at same.